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Natural Cover is a Natural Skincare Range

Natural Cover is an Aboriginal Owner and operated business founded by Sharon Maley. Sharon’s passion for skincare came from her mother, Rose, who was raised in her traditional land, Bulgul. Aboriginal people use plants and natives for antiseptic and healing remedies, therefore Rose never gave her children prescribed medicine and she always treat blemishes with natural remedies.

When Sharon left school, she became a qualified Beauty Therapist and went on to teach Personal Development Courses in which she would teach students a skincare regime using only natural ingredients from their fridge.

Created With High Quality Ingredients

Sharon’s passion for natural skincare created the idea of the Natural Cover concept and to start her own skincare range. The main ingredient in Natural Cover is Aloe Vera, Rose’s personal number one natural antiseptic and healing remedy. The fragrance of Natural Cover is Frangipani one of Rose’s favourite flowers, which also naturally relieves inflammation and has moisturising effects.

Natural Cover is not only made from quality ingredients but is marketed at an affordable price which is why Natural Cover is a great choice of product.

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